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e-Training Room Rentals
e-Training Room Rentals Let Y2FOX Host Your Next Training, meeting session. below an overview of what we can offer to you.

Y2FOX rents fully equipped e-Room computer training. As an e-training company, we understand how it can be complicated to deliver quality training that meet your students’ needs. For us Education is first a mission before becoming a money making institution. We are committed to give the tools necessary to serve the needs of your students. Dealing with you as an education provider is the most valuable rewarding situation for us. All you need a computer, an internet connection, and we will provide the tools you need: Technical support We train you how to use the software. Also instead of paying Webex $300 a month for six months for a service you are not going to be using very often. You pay us an affordable fee when you use the service. You don’t have to sign any contract, no setup fee. We make all easy for you. Your e-Room is available 24/7. Contact us now and get the assistance you could never think about. For us Education is first a mission.

 Benefits of E-learning are tremendous for today people. Distant cyber learning or e-Learning allows you to work at any place with an internet connection, at your own pace. It is a highly flexible and convenient method of learning. Here you will give to your students the flexibility without been bug down by any others extra fees such parking, etc… As e-classes are asynchronous, learners can study according to their daily commitments. Therefore, this is a feasible option for those that have other responsibilities. This form of learning also reduces transportation expenses and wastage of time. Users can also repeat the e-learning courses as much as they want, without additional cost. Other advantages of e-learning include the ability to communicate with peers all over the world, and greater diversity in learning due to multimedia tools..

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