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Y2Fox your Data Solutions Expert offers high-quality services for database administration, management and project that help businesses lower their IT costs while realizing corporate-wide efficiency gains. We make you make you gain by increasing your productivity and revenue.
We are the data expert you are been looking because we know the right tools and the best practice. We do NOT off-shore your data. Our team of experts is all centrally located in Our Denver headquarters. We have a variety of package for every size of business.
Our team of experts in a variety of database environments including SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, Mysql, SAP and many others.
We are proficient maintaining and administrating operating systems including, Windows, UNIX, and Linux. In addition, we have a team of knowledgeable in web technology to provide on-going web/ecommerce development, maintenance, and support for variety of small to large E-Business firm.
                What we can do together:
Total Database Administration outsourcing:
With toolsets like Embarcadero, Quest Central and native Microsoft tools we provide 24/7 support of database environments and operating systems. That package includes tuning, maintenance, day-to-day administration task, data environment architecture process.
Backup DBA: Dedicated person will be remotely part of your DBA team. That person can be reached by your in house database administrator to help troubleshoot issues.
Total Database Assessments:
We are offering in deep review and study of your database environment in order to identity and assess issues that may be slowing your operations or causing poor database performance.
Total Database monitoring 24/7: With our high level monitoring toolsets we will monitor every second of your database activity for security or performance concern.
Operating System (OS) administration and maintenance:
Our experts will help you keep a healthy platform by monitoring and maintaining operating systems where your databases are housed. We will manage for you patched and any other on demand maintenance and critical upgrade.
Expert level Data Projects:
One the most critical elements in database environment is how you handle new upgrade, data conversion, and how to plan and apply new technologies such as replication, RAC implementations, Version upgrade, Version migration, System design and more. You need Data Project experts to conduct critical data project work.
DBA Training:
By becoming our client your team of DBA will have 3 training sessions every year about topics our training department is offering. For on demand training for special contact us.
Total Web Development / Ecommerce support: Our team of experts will assist you from simple system reengineering to a total rebuilding and recoding of your web / eCommerce application.
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