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Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, Y2Fox Group is a global leader in providing database support and system administration remotely and live online training by using the latest technologies. Y2Fox Group, evolving from Malcom Computers, and established in 2002 with our team of experts, offers three core business lines:
  • Cyber-Live-Video Training in specialized subject area skills
  • Remote Database and Operating System Administration
  • Custom Software Design and Build. Y2Fox Group “Turns your ideas into software applications reality.”

We are absolutely confident that our eTraining, Remote DBA solutions, Software design are among the best approach available anyone else cannot offer.
you will learn and understand the concepts with your cognitive effort, and with our hands-on live instructor –led labs based on of real-world experiences. You are equipped and ready to do the job at the end of our training.
you secure and high level expertise for day-to-day support or data projects related tasks. We will participate to your weekly staff meeting to help you setup and achieve your goals.
 GUARANTEE you your ideas will be turned into software applications and lead you to success.


Our Background

Major Business Areas:
  • Concentrates on  specials computer software training not taught by our competitors
  • Helps you or your company cut costs for high maintenance by providing reliable and expert remote support for day-to-day database administration, development, and systems administration
  • Designs and builds custom application software for any business requirements

  • Headquarters Address:
    3131 S Vaughn Way
     Suite 135
     Aurora, CO 80231
    What we do
    • Microsoft Server support and training  
    • Oracle database application support and training
    • Business Process Management  support
    • Business Intelligence support and training
    • Project Management  support
    Y2Fox Group Serves these Industries:
      • Manufacturing
      • Energy
      • Government
      • Education
      • Financial
      • Health Care
      • Services
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