IT governance is the decision to create a structure around how organizations align IT strategy with business strategy. It ensures companies stay on track to achieve their strategies, goals, and implementing good ways to measure its performance. IT governance allows verifying that all stakeholders’ interests are taken into account and that processes provide measurable results. IT governance framework answers key questions, such as how the IT department is functioning, what key metrics decisions makers need. IT governance helps to measure return on investment.

Why Y2Fox think every organization needs IT Governance?

Every organization—large and small, public and private—needs a way to ensure that the IT function sustains the organization’s strategies and objectives. The level of sophistication every organization will apply to IT governance may vary according to size, industry or applicable regulations.

What choice Y2Fox?

Y2Fox is made of a conglomerate of IT and Project Management professionals. We know how organizations today are subject to many regulations governing data retention, confidential information, financial accountability and recovery from disasters. We know while none of these regulations requires an IT governance framework, many have found it to be an excellent way to ensure regulatory compliance. We are certain that by implementing IT governance, organizations will have the internal controls they need to meet the core guidelines of many of these regulations.

Why should organization pair IT governance to Technology Consulting?

We believe that IT governance should be paired with technology consulting by creating a memorandum of understanding based on company mission statement, core business values and grow target. Hire Y2Fox we will help you benefit from your investment.