Dr. Abass Yaya Bamba

Managing Director

Dr. Bamba, Founder and Managing Director of Y2Fox, is one of the first computer programmer web architects to implement online check process coding at the early stage of electronic commerce. He has authored numerous e-Books and white papers in the field of Information Technology. Doing business is part of his family heritage. At age ten, Dr. Bamba started his first business selling candy bars and paper towels, using profits made to pay for his high school supplies and later on for his admission fee at Ivory Coast National University Law School.

As an information technology professional, Dr. Bamba has worked and consulted with numerous national and international organizations such as the United Nations, and Boeing. He has led successful projects with the U.S Army, the U.S Navy, and The U.S Department of Interior. Dr. Bamba received a B.S. in Computer Sciences, an Executive Master in Business Administration, and a Doctorate  in Computer Sciences and Enterprise Information System. He holds an Advanced Certificate in Web Track Authoring, Advanced Certificate in Microcomputer Specialist, Master Level Certificate in Data Security, Master Level Certificate in Homeland Security Management, Microsoft Certified Professional, Oracle Database Certified, Master Level Certificate in Project Management and Business processes. Dr. Bamba holds a degree in Public Administration and Enterprise/Mass communication (Horizontal and Vertical Communication).

Leadership Team

Dr. Abass Yaya Bamba
Managing Director

Mr. Jaseah Shah
Sr. Consultant Finance and Planning

Shahrokh Pezeshk (Shah)
Sr. Consultant Business Operation Strategist

Jeff Zhuk
Sr. Consultant – Chief Technology Officer