Meeting our obligations is not just a business goal but a moral imperative. Our Project Management Methodology encapsulates well-tested approaches, describes in detail the phases, activities and tasks required to conduct a project from start to finish.

Our Project Management Methodology:

The bottom line of our project management methodology is based on the following best practices

  • Decrease cost by saving time and effort to build deliverables
  • Reduce the time spent completing project deliverables
  • Minimize change, risks and issues by defining project properly before start working on the first task.
  • Assure the quality of deliverables, increasing likely of meeting the customer’s requirements
  • Monitor and control the project more efficiently, especially during the Execution phase
  • Manage suppliers more effectively with comprehensive supplier contracts
  • Improve staff performance by clarifying roles, responsibilities and delivery expectations
  • Mitigate resources management to avoid conflict or shortage
  • Establish a clear line of communication, collaboration and authority between project staff and project
    owner /stakeholders
  • Project Management Techniques and Tools we use:

    We use agile project management technique for being a technology company. We champion Agile methodology because the project is organized in a series of relatively small tasks conceived and executed to conclusion as the situation demands in an adaptive manner, rather than as an entirely pre-planned process. We love agile technology because the approach keep the project owner (client) engage with our team from start to finish. Agile is an umbrella for multiple methodologies:

    • Rapid Application Development, which we mainly use for data conversion, migration and Implementation processes.
    • eXtreme Manufacturing, which we mainly use to create a prototype for custom software
    • eXtreme Programming, which we mostly use for COTS configuration/implementation
    • Scrum, which we mostly use to develop focuses on iterative goals set by the Product Owner
    An example of our project processes, skills and tools.

    Areas of Responsibility


    Skills & Tools

    Service Delivery
    Requirement gathering, user design,construction, cutover
    Rapid Application Development(RAD), eXtreme Manufacturing, eXtreme Programming, Scrum

    Baseline Metric Quality Control
    User acceptance Testing – System Acceptance Testing

    Customer Satisfaction
    Stakeholders questionnaires
    Survey Takers – Interviewers

    Status of Key Activities
    Baseline Metric WBS
    Milestone evaluation – MS Project