Mr. Kon

Sr.VP Research & Development
Mr. Kon is member of Y2fox Advivsory board wit title of Sr.VP Research & Development advisor. Mr. Kon possesses Masters in Electrical Engineering from Kharkov University, Ukraine, and Master of Sciences in Applied Mathematics from Colorado University. He designed control systems for Subways in Kiev, and Prague. Joseph immigrated to United States in 1978 where he has ventured many businesses. As a President of O’Connor Computing, Inc., Joseph led the development of Gaussian Multi Variant Statistical Analysis Application for Oil and Gas exploration in which nine Majors Oil companies participated. As a President of TOR Corp., a software consulting company, Mr. Kon had US WEST Now Quest and Golden Geophysical, Inc as clients. Mr. Kon is member of the Y2fox Advisory board With a rich past as inventor/researcher, professional and business leader.

Leadership Team

Dr. Abbas Yaya Bamba
Chief Consultant and Director Big Data project

Excellence Dr. Pascal Kokora
Sr. VP International Relations & Foreign Market

Mr. Kon
Sr.VP Research & Development

Shahrokh Pezeshk (Shah)
VP – Chief Finance Officer

Jeff Zhuk
VP – Chief Technology Officer – Y2Fox Cloud Project Chairman