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July 11, 2016  -U.S. Small Business Administration Supervisory Business Opportunity Specialist, Carolyn Terrell, and Business Opportunity Specialist,  Eric Rettig  commends Y2Fox for a new design and network typology to ensure continuity and security of the services for the recently awarded U.S. Air Force project.

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Y2Fox attended the Army Corps Open house Business Opportunities on February 26, 2015.

Y2Fox recently participated to the Army Corps Open House Business Opportunities in Albuquerque New Mexico.


Shah P. Senior Consultant.

Mr. Yaya Bamba

Yaya Bamba – Managing Director

 Millennials of Color round table.

Mr. Yaya Bamba to participate alongside  20 other entrepreneurs to the round table about millennials of color host by the Denver SBA district office. This is a consortium to challenge communities across the nation to provide assistance to millennials of color in building their skills set related to entrepreneurship.

Y2Fox celebrates several wins in a roll!
    U.S Army  Fort Knox JROTC Cloud Computing Support
    U.S Air Force Thule Air Force Base Shared Internet service Update.
    U.S Department of Labor Enterprise Software Training


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