Jeff Zhuk

VP – Chief Technology Officer – Y2Fox Cloud Project Chairman, Mr Jeff Zhuk is a member of the Advisory Board, with title of senior Chief Enterprise Solutions Architect. Jeff developed new approaches to intelligent enterprise systems and transformed his ideas into patented systems, like Knowledge Driven Architecture, Rules Collector, and Adaptive Robot Systems providing conversational approaches to Business Process Modeling, Architecture and Design of business drivenJeff knowledge-rich services. Yahoo, Amazon, and Facebook followed the direction described in the inventions and Yahoo acquired one of his patents. Mr. Jeff Zhuk created business Architecture Sandbox for Enterprise (BASE) that leverages SOA with high availability (a cluster of open source ESB/Mule, Message Queue, and portal solutions) and built-in collaborative business process modeling and execution. He has authored many articles and books.

Articles: “From Business As Usual To Knowledge Driven Architecture” and “IT Of The Future: semantic Cloud Architecture”

Book: Integration-Ready Architecture and Design(Cambridge University Press)

His works place the seeds of the rule-based and semantic technologies in the current business ground providing practical steps to transitioning to less expensive, simpler, and optimized enterprise Information Technology. Jeff Zhuk holds a Master in Computer Sciences (1973) from Belarus University, Minsk.



Leadership Team

Dr. Abass Yaya Bamba
Chief Consultant and Director Big Data project

Mr. Kon
Sr.VP Research & Development

Shahrokh Pezeshk (Shah)
VP – Chief Finance Officer

Jeff Zhuk
VP – Chief Technology Officer – Y2Fox Cloud Project Chairman